Feb 22, 2009

Most possibly this year if I get pregnant I will name my daughter (if she's a girl) Isla (pronounced as Ayla). This was taken from the actress Isla Fisher of the movie entitled



a Shopaholic

I am a big fan of its book version.
Very bubbly and an absolute fun to read!

Since reading the Milan KundEra's book I became a sucker of a romantic comedy novel. Ewan ko, masyado kasi akong na-depressed sa mga stories nya but wala akung masabi sa pag kagawa nito. Maganda at makatotohanan! Is just that ayuko lang talagang malungkot. Kung pwede lang tumira sa fairytale land para di ko yun ma-feel gagawin ko.
That's why I'm reading to be entertained and somehow to learn. The biggest part of entertaining me is to make me smiling and making me feel like all the blood that is flowing in my viens is in a rush. It makes my chicks naturally pink~ hehehe.
I have naman nothing against dramatic books or sad endings~ there are also times that I craved for them pero not last year and not this year as well.

I don't do the book review or movie review kaya don't expect me to really tell the story of the books or movies that I have read na. It's just that I can't control how overwhelmed I am with those that I have watched and read.

Going back to the Confessions topic...

There are three things that excites me to watch the movie.
Number oNe : I have the feelings that it will satisfy me. Yung feeling na the movie will give justice dun sa book. I knew it from the time that I've seen the movie trailer kung saan first time kong nakita yung bidang babae na si Isla Fisher. My God..tumatak sya kaagad sa utak ko! The way she dressed-up, her manners, the character, makashock!~Ganun talaga sa book.

Number tWo: Pogi 'yung bidang lalaki. I love his eyes and besides parang I have seen the guy from the movie Ella Enchanted. Di ko lang sure pero cute sya!
Finally, yung number ThRee: Maganda ang lay-out ng poster. Deliciously photographed. Parang msarap kainin.

Yun lang. Ganun lang kababaw kung bakit ko ito nagustuhan!

This movie is based on the novel "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. One of my most favorite writer last year and maybe until this year.
The character is named Rebecca Bloomwood known as Becky who lives with her bestfriend Suze. She has a shopping addiction and her job doesn't pay enough which brings her in a chaotic situation and just like any other girl meets boy story, Becky finds the man who could pay-off her ever-growing debt. Bakit ako kinilig sa book? Please find out kasi yung answer dun makes me young!


ev said...

"and that the first person who taught you what happiness is, will be the same person who'll teach you pain.".i don't recall exactly the line from Milan Kundera but sounds like that,right? And when I told you about that line and showed you the book at red bookstore, gipunit dayon nimo ug gi-buy. But in my mind that time bes was this "ang gagah!impulse buying ayy!ganahan ba jud kaha sya ana na book?"hehe!

oi motan-aw ko ana na movie.:D

wITChy Boop said...

i like the book bes!
as in!
iba lang impact nya sa akin.
uban unta ta tan-aw no?