Feb 25, 2009

Bes tabang!

I've been blogging actually not to earn money. Infact my thoughts in witchyboop's mostly are shallow.
One day, I tried applying in one of the advertising host and was luckily approved. I even wondered why. Then I started receiving some of tasks assigned. I accepted those that are connected to my truthful experience and rejected those that would sound fraudulent. I just don't blog for the sake of adverstisement. In my own point of view, I feel good writing truthfully.

You know what, I've been paid already but I still dont know how to claim the payment. Though I have my visa card via Union Bank and a paypal account, still I could not understand how to really claim it. That is how stupid I am, eyahh..

Not that I'm so dying-interested being paid, but my son Bien is!
His blog was approved by blogvertise and had complied the task given to him. When he checked it yesterday, I could not draw his face being so excited having paid a two dollars from his first ever advertisement GRAYHAWK.

My problem started when he was now asking me how to claim it. I just smiled because I can pay him. How much lang ba ang two dollars. The thing is mukhang na-inspire yata. He wanted to blog more for money!

This time, I need my bestfriend's help. She knows me. Naiinis ako kapag maraming applications na dadaanan. Grabehh... Now tell me na hindi ako matiyagaing tao~ I will accept. Syanga~~ di po mahaba pasensya ko.
Bes... Help!!!!!

The thing is I'm blogging for fun and yet my son is blogging to earn!
Hahahaha... di talaga sya ipokrita like me...


ev said...

haha!am just an email away bes. just tell the deatil you're having trouble with. maybe we can fix that.:D

kalingaw sa akong godchild oi!hehe!

moongoddesslae said...

gang pag sa blogverstise 30 days after mapprove ng post mo isesend nila payment sa paypal mo. Then withdraw mo po.Matransfer na yun sa Union Bank card mo 5-7 days.

wITChy Boop said...

bumabalik nga lei sa advertiser ang money kasi do ko maedit edit yung pangalan ko sa paypal. ewan, katangahan kasi yung nangyari kasi patricio(apelyido ko nung single pa) yung paypal membership account ko dun tapos mendoza yung union card. so for how long hinayaan ko lang. Basta kung trip ko yung ad, sige go pag di naman, ignore ko lang.
I tried to keep it secretly pero ayan si bien kasi nangungulit na. sayang naman yung opportunity nyang matutong humanap-buhay.

parang di ko pa yata na-confirm sa paypal account yung visa card number or security eh, ewan, Pag i-finill-up ko naman puro yata mali. Nakuu... hinayaan ko na lang.

thanks sa words lei... try ko ulit.

iceyelo said...

Masayang mabayaran sa blog. I have another blog na ginagamit ko for advertising blog. i KEEP YELOSWORLD untouched by advertising though. :) give my congratulations to your son for me. that's a good start.

wITChy Boop said...

that's whyu i love yelo's world kasi very personal. it's like reading you talaga ng walang pagkukunyari. aside dun sa ang galing ng thoughts.

Yeah for Bien, it's really a good start. sana macontinue kasi mahilig sa buks yun, magastos!