Feb 27, 2009

Fiber up

Honestly in this era, a bulging belly and an ugly flab can hold your life.
I was over weight right after giving birth so I really know how it feels.
The thing about me then was that I think sexy despite of what I heard from other people like" Ang taba mo. " I used to get mad and would tell them things that will also hurt them lalo na if they would repeatedly tell me that I was so fat. "Eh, ano ngayun, nilait mo ako, kaya lalaitin din kita."

To beat the stress, I will justify my gains by just telling them that I'm already married, that it was not my priority and that my hubby must love me for what and for who I am. Ang daming reason kasi nga ang totoo hindi ko pa kayang i-give-up our eating lifestyle. Those chocolates, pringles, adobong-baboy, cakes and a lot more!

Only few who would look at you inside. Di bale na sana yun pero kahit sarili ko would look at me the way other people does. Negative! Di na maganda and I don't want my child to grow me so unconfident.

We've change lifestyle.
Ervs and I started to Yoga. Nagbago ang pananaw namin sa buhay.
Gumaan ang aming pakiramdam.
Slowly we became happier with what we feel and lalong lalo na with how we are after dieting and exercising.

If you wanna be love more, you've got to love first your self and your body. Looking good is feeling good.
Gone are the days na pababayaan ko lang how I look. I dont waNNa go back to look like miserable.
To me, it was considered a misery because it became a hindrance to show my potential. Kasi nga I don't feel good kaya puro negative na lang ang nasa brain ko.

Actually what I wanted to share today is that, I succeeded not eating meat for years already. Mahirap pero masarap maging vegetarian. Painful pero nakakawala ng stress ang exercise.
Kaya kahapon while attending the birthday party of my godchild hindi ako natemp na kumain ng paborito ko dating lechon. While everybody was so eager eating that that stuff, I was not. Honestly, wala gyud ko nalaway.
Nilapitan pa ng ako ng isa kong kumare and invited me to eat more.
"Kaon Mads," sabi nya
"You are missing half of your life kay sarap kaayo ang lechon." She added.
And I just told her nga "Lagi, kaon ra dinha. Lami man gyud na ."

Nag fiber lang ako. All vegetables. Masarap din ang chopsuey oi, baka kala mo.

Tapos the best part pa dun is when you get home, ang daling magwithdraw sa CR.
Walang effort.
Walang consti.
Ang gaan ng feelings.

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