Jan 15, 2009

I don't know what movies were the kids watching in their room. Basta right after school Bien joined his cousins. They are allowed naman to watch TV for an hour and a half as long as they would spend the rest of the hours studying before sleeping. After that bonding, Bien joined me inside my room. He was preparing the things he needed for studying. Then he asked me a question.


"Hmm.." I answered. My eyes still glued at the book I'm currently reading.

"Have you ever had your heart broken?" he said.

and it feels like..... haa?

"Ey..why you asked that?" ~ako~

"Is it worst?" he added.

" Aguy..." (nakabisaya noon ko)

"Naunsa naman ka Bi? What kind of movies are you watching these days?"

"Wala man yan sa movies. Naisip ko lang gyud." sagot niya sabay tabi sa akin.

I hugged him. As in so tightly. In that way makakaisip ako ng matinong sagot hanggang sa iba na ang napagkwentuhan namin. I asked him things he wanna do when he gets older. Happily Bien shared his thoughts and his dreams.

"O, Mom, tama na. I'm going to read now."

"Okey...." I told him sabay halik halik sa kanyang kili-kiling amoy baby powder.

When he was about to leave the room. I mentioned his name. Then he said Bakit Mommy?

"You know I had my heart broken once." Tapos while I was telling him nagbabasa ako kunyari ng book.

"Tapos Mom?"

"Years after, I got married to your father. He fixed my heart."

"Uyyy......" Nakangiti nyang sagot. As in kinikilig-kilig ang bruho.

Kaya yun, pina-alis ko na at pinag-aral na.

Napaisip ako.....

When I look at my life and where I have come today, I just can't help but feel that there is some hand in it. I truly believe in God.


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bes said...

ang cute naman ni Bien..hahayy!sana pa-borrow sa kanya one day bes..hehe!baka maitanong nya rin sa'kin ang naitanong nya sa'yo. Perhaps i would just say, "hala oi!how old are you young man?what a question!haha!"

dropping by bes..i love this entry..tagam ta!gipatulan jud og tubag ang bata bah!:D

shoshana said...

Hey Witchy, how are you? Happy New Year.

jei said...

is bien ready to fall in love? naku, maliit pa si anya! tell him to wait for my daughter!!!

iceyelo said...

Haha, simula na yata mommy witchy. I jus woke up from a very deep slumber. namiss ko tong site mo.

wITChy Boop said...

aba ...iceyelo~ it's been so long!