Jan 14, 2009

I already bought a copy of this book months ago right after I was hooked with the Kite Runner Novel of Hosseine. I remember sharing to my father how I feel about Hosseine's ..... I was captivated ! Since I'm his only daughter ever...(hmm..) he knows paano ako nababaliw on things that I really like. It was really a surprised when he asked Igiboy (my nephew) to hand down his 2008 gift for me. Naku! Na-touched po ako when I saw my pamangkin giving me the book !

The thing is I got my copy already! Hindi nagtanong si Papa!!! But I truly appreciated his gesture. Where in this world pa could I find someone like him? He is my Smallville! My super ever dad! I did not touched the book. It's still in its own cover. And maybe, maybe it will remain that way. Anyway nabasa ko na. For now I'm still reading tagalog novels of Martha Cecilia and Heart Yngrid. I'm almost done with them. Despite of my busy work, I would still find time reading them. Baduy but for now it keeps me smiling~ kinikilig pa... Eyyy!!!

I'm so SO thankful ke God kasi I have them. My Mom and my Papa. Thirty na ako but I still feel like a kid when I'm with them. That's one thing kasi kapag autistic ka....your parents will make sure that you are special. Hehehe Joke lang!
But my godd.... look at them, kahit they are on their 60's, sweet pa rin! Tapos si Mommy parang always beybi ni Papa. Me pinagmanahan pala ako. nyehehehe...

Tarang!!!! Hindi fog yan... I was with Anjo. My teenage nephew. He took the picture while we were walking near the hot spring. As in you could hear the mud boiling. I will post more of our pictures next time. I have to go..... byeee!


jei said...

you're turning out to be a nature-lover huh? obviously, you had fun during your christmas holidays. nice!

wITChy Boop said...

taga denr ang nagbuhi natong duha since birth gang hangtud karun mao nature-lover gyud ta... hehehheeeee .. Kaha? nahubog ko duh!