Jul 23, 2009

Working Vacation

While working as an Evironmental Writer, I had with me my most respected Photographer/Artist partner Yuri. She drives her own old car when we travel outside the City for work. We have fun and never felt like working at all.
Its already been five months that we have not work together so her visit to me yesterday was a big surprise. She came from a seventy-minute travel from Maasim, Sarangani Province with her brand new car. I'm not so sure about the brand so surfing acura tl review will help us visualize the newest model she got.

My astonishment seems endless. In my whole life I never imagine
owning a car. Riding a public utility jeepney, bus, and any other transportation vehicle is enough satisfaction. From there, I would have more chance of knowing my neighbors and other people I mingled with while mobiling publicly. But not for a few minutes yesterday while seeing her going out from the driver seat of her newly acquired baby. I'm aching to know more about scion tc. I just remember reading that in a magazine with a friend in a cafe last month!

I daydream of owning that kind of vehicle too! Driving it with my own witch like fashion attire while going back again to law school.

“Look at my new car!” she told me.
“Trouble-free. Everything is easy to use.” She added while my eyes, still glued to her car.
“Who gave you that?” I asked her . I touched the car slowly as if I’m confirming if its real or not.
“I bought it through net.” she answered.
And I said “Wow, great!”

We go out together and have the car tested in Oval Plaza, just in the City proper of General Santos. We texted Gladys and Nayumi to join us in our fun driving activity yesterday.
When Gladys and Nayumi saw the car, obviously, they felt the same way I do. Nayumi keeps on asking her about the a certain model of a car and so they talk about kia reviews

The car is easy to use. It is affordable and satisfaction is 110 percent guaranteed!

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