Jul 23, 2009

P.S. I Love You

I read this book twice.
The first was in Midsayap last year while doing something and the second one was this week. I esteemed the story in my last reading. I was involved!

The person who crossed my mind is my good friend Jayvee. I remember her chaos during the time when her husband, a very good friend, go through a serious puwedeng fatal disease. He is better now and I truly thank God for that wonderful miracle.

In the book
Holly’s husband died. For a time, the wife grieved her loss. What amazes me was the way her husband, even in death, helped her survived and accepted the loss. In the end, Holly live her life again.

Why Ireland
Gerry, the deceased husband lived in Ireland. At the end of the story, in a way, the place was featured with its simple and astonishingly nice setting!
(Naisip ko rin na kaya pala napili ni Michael Jackson umi-stay ng two years sa Ireland after nung kaso nya dahil sa simpleng pamumuhay dun).

Remembering Jayvee
I remember Jayvee because I always wonder why she’s into Ireland and Irish human beings as well. I know the place is beautiful and the human beings too but I WONDERRRRRR still.

Inorder to satiate my curiosity I even tried reading books authored by Irish people like Frank McCourt, Alice Sebold and Cecilia Ahern.
It was only today that I appreciated Jayvee’s craze .
Jayvee seems to be very influential to me.
She brought me the koreanwave and now the Irishwave.
Ano pa kaya?
Hmm… an Irish music and food?
Why not…

Teka, sabog yata ang utak ko parati.
My thoughts are not organized.
Basta kung ano lang ang maisip yun ang isinusulat.
Idol ko kasi si Chowder ng Cartoon Network.
Scattered Brain! A-ha-ha! Di na bale.
Di ko naman kelangan magpataba ng ego.


jei said...

Thank you Loves. At least, love mo pa rin pala ako.

Ang dami ko atang nalaman dito ah. I know the movie "PS I Love You" and I heard some part of it was shot in Ireland. Pero I wasn't expecting na masasama ang mga scenic spots sa movie? Really? I will definitely watch this movie. Alice Sebhold is Irish? Kasali na siya sa list ko! Hmmm, Cecilia Ahern too!!

Influential ba gang? I think it's the other way around. And wow! I love your music here!!!! Grabe, pareho nga tayo ng brainwaves gang!!

Go Phil Collins!!! Go Madonna!!! Woohooo!!!!!!

lunarhemizphere said...

So galing pala sa book yan?Napanood kasi ng sister ko and she asked me to watch it. Eh wla naman ako mahanap dito.tsk.tsk..I'm sure mas maganda sa book yan

wITChy Boop said...

maganda ang scenes ...
maganda ang ireland. kaya nga siguro love na love ni Micahel Jackson ang contry na yan.

Lei,I hope to send u the book.
Please tell jei how so I can send it.

jei said...

i already have Lei's address. bigay mo lang kang ervz ang book anytime kasi i also wanna send Lei something. dali gang, para ma-send na natin ang ating love kang leilalou!