Jul 23, 2009

Keep them real

The house is never the same without them. I wanted to object when their Mom Cielo took them from us but I refrain from doing so. I knew how she feels living far away from her kids. I’m a witness how affected Maxine and Lean are. No matter how much we have shown love for the kids, iba pa rin ang pagmamahal ng ina. Itong puso ko, nasa mga bata. I’m also a mother. God knows how much I sacrificed for Bien and it was all worth it. My only question is that why can’t she sacrifice for her 3 wonderful daughters?

It was more than five months when she left the kids including her 6 months old baby to us. I honestly understood her feelings but whenever I saw Maxine crying quietly inside her room, I hate her. I hate her being so selfish. I hate her for not trying to fixed things up between her and my brother. I even hated my brother three times more than I hated Cielo.
Hate ko silang dalawa for giving that kind of life to their daughters!
Maxine telephoned us. In our phone dialogue she told us na wala silang baon sa school. She got no books!
It tear my heart into pieces. They’re never been in that situation when they were here.
My parents will provide for them. I will also make sure to buy some things we share to make fun. I facilitate their needs in schooling. They will sleep with me, watch Tele with me, laugh and play with me. We spend our whole day together especially when I’m just home.
Kaya nung umalis sila, masyado akong nanibago.
Cielo and my brother Darwin know what kind of relationship the kids do have to us. They were our babies and up to now, we still long for them.

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