Apr 17, 2009

Lola Sings

Lola shared to my father how she had dream to reach the Holy Mountain as she calls Mt. Apo. Strongly, she believes that God will hear her more when praying on that highest tops in our country. The holy week made her dream came true.

And oh, my…….. she actually sings when she is happy!

Lola is in the bliss during our travel. The emotion is so much visible in her face. In fact very contagious that even us felt the aura! While she sings, the kids attentively listens to her. I was thinking that somehow I am so like my Lola.

I also sings when happy. Kahit na nasa mall pa ako o kaya nasa jeep with matching dancing pa yan. Kaya nga ako parating nakukurot ng nanay ko nung kadalagahan ko pa but now it’s my husband who would just smile when I do that thing. Ay… siguro nakyu-kyutan din si Daddy Ervs like how I find Lola very pretty singing in joy while we are mobiling!

My cellphone rings ( as rin ringing tune na kring….. kringggg….)

It's a message from my Mother who at that time sits beside Lola.

She texted me na “alam mo na kung saan ka nagmana?”

I smiled and looked at her habang si Lola ay nag-si-sing pa rin.

And so I replied….

“Bakit di mo kinukurot?”

“Bruha, ikaw kaya ang kurutin ko?” replied by Mom thru text pa rin.

And while reading it, pinigilan ko talagang tumawa kasi baka isipin ni Lola na mina-mock ko sya.

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