Apr 18, 2009

footsteps on the ground

I was delighted to be able to do the whole hiking in less than four hours with my Lola and still able to catch her smiles, the more she became alive and energetic. Regardless of what emtions life might be holding in reserve for her this year, she always found this experience happy to bear. She would always tell all my friends about her Mt. Apo trip when they visit me home.

We were dancing actually in that mountain to dutifully perform the rituals and dances she had taught me, but what I can see in her eyes is the yearning to be out in the world, to see a little nature.

It was an overcast and the clouds were very low but the physical exercise and the whiskey helped fend off the cold. The path was a little narrow for us to walk along side by side so I went ahead, my Lola followed, mom was in our back and Gina was busy taking pictures. It was hard to talk in these circumtances but we always do and even laughed together at times because my Mom really is a funny person. She can easily makes you laugh, that way we enjoy the nature around us.

She was gazing with a childlike fascination at the landscape. It was indeed a God's signature.

This was the moment were I felt like using all my senses. The path we were walking suddenly felt wider and all my senses were working. Then Lola murmured something to me. My heart was afraid. As I looked up the sky, I realised that this woman is important to me.

"Love-love,Ikaw ay laging magpakababa. Yumapak ka lagi sa lupa sapagkat diyan tayo nagsimula at diyan din tayo papunta." Lola told me.
It feels like as if the whole nature is seeping my soul. She began stroking my hair and prayed for me silently. Various thoughts flashed my mind. I no longer felt the cold then at last my Lola hugs me.
"Bakit, Ineng?"
"Mayabang ba ako?"
"Aba, Oo naman. Lahat ng tao ay me kayabangan. Kaya nga ang dasal ko ay lagi mong alalahanan na yumapak sa lupa."
I smiled to her and kissed her in her forehead.
I was such a good follower but it confuses me actually.
I told my mom about my feelings and she told me that I will get more confused if I still refused to believe na me kayabangan ako. I must believed that naturedly mayabang ako and in that way I can always keep my feet on the ground.
I tried and I realised that Lola is right. Kaya pala, literally, kaming lahat habang naglalakad ay di gumamit ng tsinelas. Kami ay nagpakababa at umapak sa lupa.
Being humble is morethan that, I would still have to learn it as long as I live.

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jei said...

my relationship with my lola was never like that. your words and your emotions in this post is somehow alien to me. what a pity no? ganun talga eh...