Apr 18, 2009

Elvie and Chona Baby

I had a good time connecting with my old friends and officemates just today.

Chona who is still employed in that agency and my other friend Elvie who is currently working in Singapore.

First Meeting with Chona.

We are in our twenties and still single when we started working together.

I remember Chona wearing her suit on my first day of work. She was in a red mini-skirt with a white tops roofed with a red blazer which made her look like an executive.

I was really thinking that she was my boss next to the Project Director Ma’am Venus Bermudo. That was why she made me so confused when she asked me kung nasaan nakalagay ang mga brooms ng opisina. I was new then so I told her honestly that I didn’t know. Kinabahan ako ng todong-todo. I keep on blaming my self for being so insensitive sa needs ng boss ko, only to find out na pareho lang pala kaming bago sa office noon. Upon knowing it, I was laughing so hard alone inside the comfort room. I can’t believed na na-loko ako sa porma ng babaeng yun!

Years passed by, we became not only a working mate but a friend as well. She married our office-mate Tonio. The couple were popular at that time. They made our mornings, afternoons and evenings complete! Inaabangan namin ang bawat scoop ng mag-asawang ito. They give us so much joys and laughter.

She didn’t know kasi that in her own ways, she can make us smile and laughed so badly.

Tonio and Chona was really a pair that I can’t forget.

My everyday is full of funny moments with her. I might have forgotten the exact scenarios but whenever I see her, I could still remember the pleasure it bears in my heart.

Fun with Elvie

She was a Dindi Gallardo look-a-like.

Carefree and flamboyant.

She was actually working with my mother-in-law in the other division where our office was connected. Maybe at that time, she was hearing something not so good about me, obviously, since me and my mom-in-law were still in the process of acceptance. These were just but a typical mom and daughter in-law scenario. The good thing is all were tolerable right now.

What I remember about Elvie is that she is always loud.

Kahit saan sya ilagay, napakaingay nya.

Pero, sobrang galing ng PR nya.

She can make you love her.

Kahit na yung mga Boss namin finds her amusing.

She got talent!

She is a terrific dancer.

A singer as well. She sings even better that Susan Boyle.

I am thinking nga right now, na kapag sumali lang yang si Elvie sa Survivor ng GMA, she will make it. Talented kasi sya. Walang sinabi si Ai ai de las Alas kung si Elvie lang man ang magpapatawa.

Ngayon nga that we were in a conference chatting, sobrang happy at tawa lang kami ng tawa. Paano pa kaya kung bibigyan si Elvie ng break sa showbiz?

She will make it.

I am sure of that.

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