Jun 6, 2008

Besfen Eves send me these pictures the day she decided to moderate my feelings with Nancy. It was one of the best gift I have received this year. Ang sarap matulog ng mahimbing! Yung wala kang kasamaan ng loob. Actually, nahirapan din ako sa kamalditahan ko at that time. Salamat naman at naayos na ngayun after months din. Huh! Ang hirap kaya nun!!! As I said parati to my self, everything happens for a reason. And both of us learned! As in !!! Nancy told me to forget everything about it. After sorting out all our misunderstanding, yes I will forget now except of course for the lessons na napulot ko.
I'm out the city today but I'm working with a happy happy heart. I have that friendship, it's so humbling~ and it's a shame to waste it!
As I'm moving back to have my food~ I'm grinning ~ remembering our happy times. See you all soon! By the way I'm eating KasuY nUts. Saraap...
Waaahuuuuhuuu..paubos na!

Taken last year when they visited Gensan together with our other friend Benjie.
Oi naman sana maulit muli.


Points of View said...

wehehe!gwapaha nato oi!;0P

happy for you and nancy...yes, masarap matulog na walang grudges sa buhay, regardless.

jei said...

aba lintek! ang gaganda nyo naman! ba't wala ako jan? ahahahaaha...selos!

joan said...

haay..bantay ha inig uli nako pa-picture ta sa tanan sulok sa davao unya i-post dre..hahaha