Jun 6, 2008

Learning ABC

~While I am doing something in my laptop Bien is reading his new book given by his Ninang Eves~
My son caught the attention of a little boy around three to four years old watching
him from the outside. He told the boy to go home because his mom might be looking for him. The child answered “ Dili man. Wa ma’y mangita nako” ( No one will be looking for me.)

“Bakit?” ( Why?) Bien asked again.
Bien’s face was confused. Seeing younger kids roaming with out somebody older assisting them is quite unusual to him.
I just stayed in my laptop but secretly watching him dealing with this situation.
“Patay naman akong mama ug papa.” (My mom and dad is dead now) the boy added.
He opened his mouth wide and covered it with his right hand. That usually is his reactions whenever he is confronted with something alien to him .
"Who is feeding you now?" Bien asked
“Uncle nako” (My uncle) the boy answered.
Bien opened the gate and they have fun talking to each other .
I get inside the kitchen to fix my coffee and when I came back I saw them playing with books and pencils.
I expected that Bien will get all his toys to share with the kid but instead he encouraged the boy to study hard so that when he grows up he can have job that would help him fulfill his dreams.
I feel so proud hearing those words.. He now understands the importance of studying.

Bien: Hoy nag skul ka na? ( Do you go to school now?)

Bata: wala man mi kuwarta. ( We have no money)

Bien: Ganun ba yun pag wala pera di pwede magschool? (Is it like that? No schooling if there is no money?)

Bata: Tingali (Maybe)

Bien: Wanna learn?

Bata: Unsa ?(what?)

Bien: Gusto mo matuto ng walang bayad? (Do you want to learn for free?)

Bata: Sige ( Okey)

Bien: Ako na teacher mo ngayun . Wala yan bayad talaga ( I will be your teacher with out a pay)

I took the magazine while still eavesdropping in their talks.
Now Bien is teaching him to write and read.
He would appreciate the child everytime he's right and will tell him to listen when he's wrong.
When the child gets tired Bien would cheer him up.

“Kaya mo yan…. Kaya mo yan….” ( You can do that…you can do that..)

I've never seen my son so serious as he is now.
Finally Bien told me that the kid is very good. He learns so fast according to Bien.

I just smiled at them pretending to be busy reading and working.
The boy said goodbye to Bien then my son told him to come back again next time.
He nodded and told Bien that he will comeback tomorrow.

Bien: Mom teacher na ako! (Mom I am a teacher now)

Ako: Wow naman, ang galing mo talaga . (Wow, you really are so good)

Bien: Are you proud of me?

Ako: Always…

“What is the name of your new friend?”l asked him.
“Ayy mom, nakalimutan ko. Bukas na lang .” He said smiling to me.

Kids nowadays are really different. We can not limit them in our own learning. They are indeed born in a different time. My son is making a positive difference in my life. It is me who is learning from him.
I hope to help him become what he is capable of being.

(Written during my summer vacation in Davao last April)


Salve said...

nice of bien to do that. good kid!

wITChy Boop said...

thank you salves

Lex said...

Wow! I'm so proud of BS! great kid! alagang witchyboop!

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joan said...

wowwww!!! speechless ako. grabe, i can't believe how bien speaks and acts and thinks like a grown-up man. nagmana rin yata sa mga ninang. may teaching ability. hehehe