Jun 12, 2008


Next to me is Alma,Matet and Daisy and my reddish eyes would tell you that we were all tipsy.
I just came home from Matet's party.After a long time, I've seen her again and she'd change a lot physically~ well, we all do but I can't help to be mesmerized with her looks today.

My Matet Adventure:

At home with my brother Darwin I must admit that it scares me to go outside alone lalo pag it's night time. Although my brother offered a ride but I just refused to. Alma and I will be attending Matet's party tonight. Di ko man kabisado ang bahay ni Matet kahit na ilang beses ko ng pinuntahan (with other friends) noong araw, Alma naman is with me. So, I'm just confident na hindi ako maliligaw. My brother said "Hindi. Maliligaw ka talaga kasi pasikot-sikot ang daan du'n." "How did you know?" I asked him wondering. " I just knew. GF ko baya si Maymay dati.(Matet's younger sister)." Naughtily he answered.
"lokong ito, di ko alam yun ah.." I said to him with my lips curving a smile.
Matet on phone I received a call from Matet inviting me and Alma to attend her party kasi she just came from Japan. I didn't expect that call. It's been years now that I have not think of her. Not that she's already out of my life but we've just move on not seeing and hearing things from her. After she was being raped, she's gone and it pains me not seeing her in our years back. The last time we've talk was when she visited me in my college school Holy Cross to just pour out all her hUrTacHes. I was terrified and even phoned my parents for some legal action but she denied it. At that point I knew that no one could ever compelled her to fight back legally. We cried, hugged, and cried again still hugging each other. I don't even know how to please her. How to make things easier. Matet knows exactly when to close an argument. She was even in a deep and traumatic pain so sure of herself not to file any legal actions. The situation she's into keeps on playing in my mind until time helps me forget it. Now it's all coming back hearing her voice in my cellphone again ~her joys and her pains that we once shared. She was actually my highschool closest friend next to Alma. My parent treated her like their own. She would even stayed the whole summer with us.

At the party
"Lovielly!!!!" She screamed when she saw me entering the house.I was expecting actually some of our friends from D'VARCDAZ but I have only seen Alma and Daisy. The party was only for the four of us!
I feel numb seeing here again. It's been years and she had changed a lot. I don't even know where to get a smile for her. I felt the silence for a second. She run to me and pull my body next to her.
"Ayyyyy!!!!!!!" I shouted and embracing her back again. Again after all these years.
"Is that really you Lovielly?" She asked me again while scrutinizing my looks from head to foot.
"Flesh and blood my friend!" I answered peering out at her with a great interest.
"Akala ko lumba-lumba ka na. I'm surprised that your still in good shape" she said in bewilderment.
"Ulol! Gusto mo yata ng away. papatulan kita" I say in alarm but of course it was only a joke.
Alma and Daisy can't help smiling at our expressions.
The party started with wine,beer,rhum and a lot more. Most of it came from Japan. I met her 5 years old son who hardly understand filipino language. His name is Deko. Watching the boy, I remember Bien's interest in learning Japanese language.
I have no idea what this woman is talking about. Her grotesque experiences made me feel so horrible but we still managed to get all her stories because at the end I could see that she had not lost hope.

I realized that there's no such thing as biggest mistake. All it takes for us is to do what's next.


jei said...

it's really good to have good and true friends who will stick with you to the end no matter what happens. for me they are worth than a bucketful of precious gems. it's good and satisfying to be rich with real friends than to be rich with money and material things. we're both lucky to have such friends whom we know would be with till the end.

ev said...

welcome home to your close friend Matet!

"Old friends are like wine, they get better as they get older.." ;0)

lira said...

daghan kaau ka miga mare noh? friendly jud ka da.

Moon Goddess Lae said...


I'm startled *sigh*