Feb 9, 2010

Cry baby.....

I usually don't put emotional burdens in my heart, instead I find

things that would make me busy


end up buying and reading books BIG TIME!

These past days, I find my heart beats abnormally.

Always in a deep breathing ~SIGH~

It has fears inside.

Fear of not seeing someone I love for a very long time.

Fear that one day, he won't come back and we won't be whole again.

All these time, I thought I'm already strong enough to face whatever difficulties life would

offer me.

And yet I would find my self crying especially in my solitude.

So weak....

so weak that I could even feel my nerves whacking in just a thought of him leaving!

For now, he is still here.

Spending great weekends with us though during weekdays he is somewhere, mountains

apart, working.

I hate seeing myself missing people whom I used to be with.

Lalo na if that person had taken my heart fully.

It's parang he had a certain part of me na dala dala nya sa kanyang napipintong pag-alis.

I know how much he hated working in his office.

He keeps on telling me kung paano sya miniminus ng mga ka-officemates at nung iba pang nasa paligid nya.

And I would comfort him and would tell him na wala naman sa kalingkingan nya yung mga taong yun.

He would smile and hugged me tenderly.

He would tell me how I make him feel complete.

Thank me for trusting in him and for always playing his number one fan pwera lang kapag

ako ay medyo galit.

Sa pagkakaalam ko, between the two of us, I'm more emotionally stronger and secured.

Pero hindi pala. Just a thought that he might be leaving this month or next month makes

me cry easily.

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