Oct 14, 2009

A visit from Maxine and Lean

The whole family can't get enough from their visit with us last September. We were all in a gay mood having them for one week.
I was taking a bath pa nga when they came and Lean forced herself to get in. She succeeded getting inside since I didn't closed my door well. We were all shouting and laughing. God , I miss her so much. She is too kikay not to be remembered. Actually my husband would always tell me that she is my kaugali. The younger version of Witchyboop!

Most probably next week during their semestral break, they will be coming back and we will be spending our time in Mt. Apo's Lake Agko. Obviously, I can't wait. I always love spending my nights with them together with the butterflies and fireflies. The place is so enchanted. Kulang na lang ng snow para kompleto na ako. Yeey!

Maxine would always be Bien's favorite. He was in a total Oh -no- I- can't- believe this face when she saw her again.
Mine is Lean.
She is my younger version and I will always love the way she cries, dances and everything else she does. She is an amazing kid. The world will never be the same with out her.
Me makikita ka pa bang bata na ginagawang hair dryer ang hand dryer ng Dunkin Donut?
Kaya tuloy pati sina Bien at Maxine nakigaya na rin. Hehehehe

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