Oct 12, 2009

Papa's New Wardrobe

I was looking for a unique on-line store that features almost everything and anything. So while I'm sweating out and working at home, I saved time from buying the things I needed with a great satisfaction! I can rest easy with no complains from ordering and delivering the products I just bought.

Today before going to work in Midsayap my father appreciated the men's wear I just bought for him as a thank you gift for the help he gave to my husband last month. He even told me that my taste is getting better! Well, he don't really like my fashion sense ever since I decided to become a witch until today.

He looks good on his pants! Papa even wondered how I estimated his measurements! Hahahahaha
I told him about my witchy spells and he laughed hard. But it was my Mom who helped me all through out the plan of giving him a gift from color-sizes!

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