Oct 14, 2009


It is your choice to be alone. And until now I still can't understand how can you hurt deeply those you said you love? In my heart all I can say was that you've been so selfish. You know how many hearts you have broken and what burden you've caused our family.

I've read what you have written in many characters from my books you've borrowed. It does not fit you. How can you love those people whom you will only appreciate when you just need something?

That, that someone specially you are sorry for? You just need her more because she is the only one you've got and the only one you can still surely suck.

From the start you know you can't fool me right? We both knew that.

Kasi write something from you. I'm not telling you to be a shit forever but I'm just suggesting that you have to accept who you are because only in that way you can be able to change your life again. A life with out us being tormented.

Now I knew why I always fail to love you as part of my family no matter how I tried. I can not love you because you don't know what it means.

But my hope is still here. I'm holding on it. Someday, when you'll know how to love, I will reach out to you.

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jei said...

sino siya?