Jun 14, 2009

Ann Brook, the caring psychic

Most of my friends adore my talent in love psyhic reading. In fact our friendship started every time I would asked to read their palm and tell them things I know they would love to hear. Bitchy? Yeah... in a way. But there are feelings within me that pushes me to tell those words to them. I even wonder because most of it really happens. Its been like that for years until I have mastered it. Card reading and tarrot reading were one of the things I do that truly makes my friends, family and closest relative wonder as to where that talent came from.
It started during highschool were I predicted most of the students who would end up together and as to who are not meant to be.
I was known as the love fortune teller in our campus. For the whole time in highschool I have not enjoyed my own lovelife. I was just busy forecasting for those around me.
But in a way, that talent became so helpful to me in terms of gaining friends. They find it easy to be with me and most of the friendship I've got were brilliantly genuine.
In college, I've lessen doing those things.
I was even pre-occupied doing some other things most teenagers do.
But just today, I have the urge to do the witchy stuff again.
This talent I learned from the psychic book I read and I'm positive to learn more from Ann Brook.


havenlei said...

psst!how much ang bayad s post na ito?hihihihihi!Cge nga hulaan mo ako!

wITChy Boop said...

Hmmm... tempting....
pero bawal eh, dyosa ka kasi!