Jun 21, 2009

Reading Lolita in Tehran

It was last year when I met my iranian client named Farley. In my months of working with her in Manganes Extraction Project, we've always talked about iranian writers who usually wrote their hardship during the revolution in the 90's. She gave me the book entitled PRISONER IN TEHRAN. I'm not sure about sharing that in my blog but this is about the experience of a sixteen year old girl named Marina Nemat who was arrested on false charges by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and tortured in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. The book will teach us more about an extra-ordinary faith when facing evil.
Personally, I can't even imagine how to survive in the Evin Prison when all I can hear were pain, death, injustice.
Basta naramdaman ko na lang that I finished the book in one reading. I can not comprehend why on earth there are people who ruled their country like that. Kaya nga siguro kahit papano we are lucky for enjoying TOO much democracy. Hahaha. Iniiwasan ko na ang mag comment politically wala rin kasing patutunguhan. Ipinagdarasal ko na lang ang bayan natin na sana mapalayo sa mga demonyo. Kawawa naman tayong mga anghel.
~Going back to my real issue ~
Right now, I just purchased this book "Reading Lolita in Tehran".
I've seen the glimpse of this kanina in CNN while they're were featuring the Election fallout in that country.
Nagbakasakaling available sa bookstore at napangiti naman ako na nandun ang libro.
Aba, mas updated pa yata ako sa nangyayari ke Iran kesa ke Pinas. Tayong mga Pilipino hindi naman ganun ka-barbaric. Hindi yata natin kayang pagbaril-barilin yung mga nagra-rally. Pero sila ... grabe! I have not started reading the book yet but for sure I will in time na matapos ko na.
The last time I heard about Farley eh last year din. She was pregnant! I hope they are all fine.

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