Jun 14, 2009


Bien was busy looking for his classmates and friends from grade 1 in his new grade 2 room. He was a little sad knowing that most of his closest friends were no longer his classmate. Other closed friends like Dominick and Jhoncooooolark moved residency. They have been together since kinder 1 so the feeling naman talaga is quite normal . It just amused me finding their friendship so pure.

This week, Bien's shool is busy screening those students who would fill the fast learner section in every grader. During my visit last Friday, his teaher told me about Bien asking him some question kung bakit 'yung isang classmate nya nung grade one na-remain pa rin sa fast learner section.
The teacher was so friendly relaying to me the story na nakatulong naman upang di ko maramdaman yung kaunting hiya sa kaprangkahan ni Bien.
It started when 4 of his classmates were crying kasi ililipat na sa ibang section. Bien tried to comfort them until he stand-up from his chair and asked some questions sa teacher.
Bien: Teacher, I have a question.
Teacher: Yes?
Bien: Bakit si PeXXX still in this section?
Teaher: (first reaction daw nya ay naka-smile) Because he knows how to read already.
Bien: Really?
He goes infront the whyteboard. Wrote the word VASELINE (Siguro kasi yun ang shampoo nya)
Bien: PeXXXXX You read this please.
Teacher: PeXXXX Bien is challenging you to read the word.
PeXXXX: Stands up sabay kamot sa ulo ulo nito. Then, he reads in syllable VA-SE-LI-NE.
Bien smiled.
Bien: Nahh... I told you teacher. He reads like a robot. Fast learners reads like this: VaSEline!
Some other classmates also raised their hands and read like Bien. Tapos sinabi nila ke teacher na pang fast learner din sila because thay can read fluently.
Actually nung naikwento na sa akin ni Teacher ito, quite lang ako. Walang reaction. It gives me a moment na pag-isipan kung yumayabang na ba ang personality ni Bien.
Yung kaprangkahan kasi nya, I no longer find it cute.

who would remain in the fast learner section. Some were already eliminated and transfered in other sections. and

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