Mar 10, 2009

Your Birthday Predicts You're Outgoing

Ever since you were born, you've always been able to have fun.

You find humor and joy easily. When things are rough, you are still optimistic.

Your friends always inspire and delight you. You're always looking to add to your social circle.

You need to be around other people to feel truly happy and energetic.

I'm wondering why do we need to read things that we already knew about us?
Hehehe.... well, I have fun naman doing this.
Pero gawin ko kayang mas nakakainis ito?

Bes? anu man? Is these true? Tama ba ang nakasulat?
(o diba, pinakokonfirm ko pa yung mga bagay na alam ko na?)

As in nahimuot pa ko until now.

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