Mar 11, 2009

No Secrets Here

I don’t like lying in bed totally exposed even if we are already married I still prefer to keep my husband imagine every article of me.”

I always hear my Mom talking that way to her friends in a closed-door topics. Obviously, I’m eavesdropping but somehow it influence me as I was growing up.

Now that I’m married I consciously keep my skin to be not always so exposing to him. I think that strategy has magic. In our intimate moment together he loves it when I’m wearing my sexy lingerie. It is more sexier than being naked. You can play using your creativity that would tickle your partner’s imagination.

Everytime we are together is like a honeymoon. My sexy clothing is always filled with lace and furry hand cuffs with the scent of apple in our room. In my making-s0-sexy-love-mood I wear my lingerie that is sexy on top fishnet with a G-string undies <"blushing"> . That's it! Ha ha ha!

When given a chance, I would also love to have a lingerie -pose for collectors and artist (that is if they want a witchlike form masterpiece!)

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