May 19, 2009

Watching TV

2009 is probably not my busy year! Since the beginning of summer I just spend my time reading books authored by my favorite filipino writers and from Ken Follet's novels. Sometimes when my eyes get tired, I go watching old movies and cable channels.
It feels good to be at home most of the time. Spending more moments with your growing kid and doing nothing together.
My husband loves it when I'm just home and I had this feeling that he likes it more when I'm not busy working. But the thing is, even at home, I can't help but get my self busy. In a way, I can say that I'm such a hyperactive mommy.

Just this morning, Ervien sent me some text messages telling me to visit the website about Direct TV and so I complied and after reading the content I was a bit interested.
I'm still thinking of subscribing it and I'm actually excited having the Direct TV Service right inside my home!
Come to think of it,Bien will be getting besthead start for his favorite playhouse disney channels. Hundred of channels to pick up for his imagination and learning skills important to childhood development everyday.
It surely offers a collection of an award-winning programs and learning based activity segments to engage and stimulate the imagination of my son's young mind and also mine as well!
Direct TV System will help me choose channels to watch that would help my son as he grows up and learn everyday.

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jei said...

so your absence means you're reading loads and loads of books? good for you gang! love you...