Sep 2, 2008

Will of the wind

My best friend Evelyn knows how much I abhorred Jolina Magdangal during “Ang TV” years and even during the existence of our college blues. It worried me when all her movies get in to a box office hit. I hated her fashion, acting, performance and everything and anything about her. As you all know, I am a 100 percent Judayday fanatic and it happens that she was her rival so for an obvious reason, you know why I dislike her.

Through all these years, I’ve seen her growing up, kasabayan pa nga yata natin eh. Until my mom told me na napakabait at napakabuting anak yang si Jolina parang si Juday din. Oo nga naman. Napagtanto ko rin. But that was all about her. Nakalimutan ko na si Jolina after that talk from Mom except ke Juday. Still, Lovi’s tradition of watching judayday’s movie on it’s first day and first hour of the showing date ay di pa rin namamatay until now.

It was the Korean telenovela KimSamSoon aired in GMA7 that I truly became Jolina’s fan. I didn’t knew that she was the one pala singing the themesong until my best friend told me na si Jolina nga ang singer while we were having a snack in SM City Davao some years ago. I could still remember the smile in my bestfriend’s face. Unbelieving nga giganahan na diay kong Jolens. I feel inlove with the song “Maybe it’s you” and also fall in love with the one who’s singing it. I even bought the album !

Her new MTV from the movie ITALY captures me just today while watching the midnight news. Nyee…… fan na gyud diay kong Jolina. Maybe its because I’ve seen her working with Juday in Quija movie and aside from that she is really oozing with talent.

I’d like to dedicate this new song from Jolens to my bestfriend Eves. Katulad din ‘nung Maybe it’s you na awitin Bes na ikaw kaagad-agad ang unang taong sumagi sa isipan ko while watching the film. Di ko alam kung bakit. Connected kaya? Hehehe
Love you bes, paramdam ka naman.
Nawalan na rin ako ng gana sa blogging after you signed off.
But I stayed for Jayvee and Joan.

My love for my best friend is a mystery.
It’s always coming and it doesn’t goes.
I long for our old good and bad times Bes.
I wish to see you again.
‘kainis Bes… na-miss na talaga kita ng sobra.
I was actually crying while listening to Jolina’s song.
Lukaret, na-miss mo rin kaya ako?


jei said...

asa na man diay si eve?

Lady Undercover said...

Ang sweet mo namang friend!
So bestfriend mo na rin si Jolens?haha. Hanapin ko nga sa youtube yung maybe it's you..

hmm..mganda rin ung version ni jolina ng will of the wind

wITChy Boop said...

Jei, =busy si eve... pa-thailand na rin yata after matapos na yung something nya...
subo oist.

wITChy Boop said...

Yeah... sweettt daw ako~ grrrr.... I'm smiling again Lae duh!
Thanks for finding some time for the song Maybe it's you~ I hope you'll like it.

Shoshana said...

Hey Witchy, musta ka na?

Anonymous said...


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wITChy Boop said...

hi H...
I will think about it.
thanks for dropping by.