May 6, 2010

Connie Mason

I got her name from my other house named BOOKWORM (the homepage where romanticos like me stays). I had four books of Connie Mason given to me by my Mom during my birth-month this year and finally I am now reading the books this week. One more book to go na lang then I will send it to Jayvee na (madami na akong utang sa babaye). Back to CMASON~ I was very intimate with her novels kasi nga lately I'm IN for Historical Romances. Natutuwa ako.

Aside from Nora Roberts and Sandra Hill, Connie fulfills me. Reading her books were like reading a tagalog novels. Yun nga ang sabi ko, very easy to digest and I simply love each plots and sub-plots of the story. Mababaw lang naman kasi nga lovestory pero kinikilig ako. I simply like every mason twist. Hayz, makabayot! Love it gyud!


Crys said...

eekkk!! favorite ko yang rogue's trilogy... at yung australian setting na trilogy ni Mason!!!


SailorWitch said...

ohhh... grabeeee nga. sinabi~