Oct 27, 2008

It was long ago when I've seen my self sleeping in bed. I realized that having a soul is true. My being nocturnal started there. I've always been scared to sleep but human as I am~ I have no choice but satiate my needs. I sleep.
In the middle of the night I felt so hungry and decided to sneak around the kitchen~ find something to eat. Suddenly, when I looked at my bed, I saw my self still sleeping. It surprised me! Thrilled all my senses (and so, the soul has still a feeling huh? I wonder.) I closed my eyes and concentrated on my willingness to go back to my body. I prayed so hard because I still wanted to live. I know that if I can't come back, it will be the end of my life. And there, when I opened my eyes, I'm in my fleshy sexy (~~) body again.
It could only be a dream. . .
Who knows?
But I believed it is more than a dream. I know it happens.

One time when Daddy asked me if I only spend 2 hours sleeping all day
I just ignored him and shrugged my shoulder. Napansin nya pala.

So in my solitary nights, I have my books to accompany me. My music. My PC. And my movies.

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Moon Goddess Lae said...

Hmmm.. naniniwala ako sa'yo.. I had the same experience, astral projection...