Jul 6, 2007


Belief in myself
Knowledge of my worth
They were always there
Sleeping in a secret part of me
Protected from storms by guardian wings
Not strong enough to fly on their own.

A hand reached down
From a gentle heart
Pulled the wings aside
With strong and loving arms drew me up
Smiling, awoke the parts of my sleeping self

You are beautiful
Your words touch my soul
I know you can fly
The danger is gone
Let your heart and soul be free
It is now safe to be the person you are

My wings were stiff
But soon gloriously full
I lifted my eyes upward
To a kind and smiling face
Fly where you must
Be confident in yourself and your worth

My mind took flight
Words flowed on the page
One wing slightly bent and torn
But I flew just the same
Then I heard a voice from afar
Callling out, "Please don't forget
To come back to me when your flight is done."

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